Wondering what to send in a care package to our deployed Warriors?  Here are a few ideas ....

In no particular order of precedence, here are some general ideas / items for what is commonly put into care packages.  This list is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to use your discretion and add other items you might like if you were far away from home.  J 



Bacon Jerky (troops LOVE this!)  :-) 

(Pepperidge Farm) Crème Filled Pirouete (wafer sticks with flavored cream filling; comes in white can) (variety of flavors)

Powdered drink mix packets (for bottled water)(any variety/brand)

Granola (low fat, if available)

Healthy / tasty cereal that can be eaten as a snack w/o milk

Instant oatmeal, grits and/or cream-of-wheat (any variety/brand)

Pop-tarts or equivalent (low fat if possible)

Granola bars (any variety/brand)(low fat if possible)

Cereal bars (any variety/brand)(low fat if possible)

Fruit snacks (the kind in little pouches, like kids take in school lunches and such)

Rice Krispy treats or equivalent

Chex-mix (variety / sweet or salty types)

Splenda or equivalent artificial sweetener packets (these come in the yellow packets for both the name brand or the generic)

Homemade cookies!!!! 

Snack crackers (various types/brands)(i.e. Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Goldfish, etc.)

Nutella spread (brand)

Peanut butter

Flavored hot tea bags (any variety/brand)

Flavored coffee creamer (any variety/brand)(low fat if possible); powdered is best for shipping

Instant coffee (packets or plastic jar)(some packets are made with creamer and sweetener already mixed in)

M&Ms (melts in your mouth, but hopefully not in the mail!!) (peanut, peanut butter, plain, almond & dark chocolate varieties)

Hard candies (that won’t melt easily in transit)(any variety/brand)

Dried fruit (normally found near the trail mix in stores)(any variety/brand)

Trail mix (any variety/brand)

Twizzlers (name brand / original cherry flavor)

Gum, tic-tacs, mints (like Life-Savers), etc.

Beef jerky (any variety/brand)

Nuts (any variety/brand)(either mixed or one kind … all are great snacks and easily transported)

Pringles (light/fat free if possible)(any variety)

Sandwich crackers (cheese, peanut butter, etc.)(any brand)

Pre-popped corn (bags of caramel, kettle corn, etc.)(any brand)

“Almond milk” (must be the non-refrigerated kind)(can find in the snack section at Walmart or similar stores)(low fat if possible)

Pepperidge Farms snack cookies and similar products

Biscotti (any variety/brand)

Animal crackers (low fat if possible)

Honey graham crackers (low fat if possible)

Peanut butter / jelly (in squeeze bottles or other plastic containers)

Honey (in plastic container)

Special-K or other similar types of protein / meal bars (any variety)

Protein powder (Body Fortress is normally the best price … can find at WalMart or other similar stores)

Cereal (in a box or individual serving containers)

"Cup-O-Noodle" or other similar self-contained ramen / noodle dishes that come with their own container in which the service member can put the necessary hot water)


5-Hour Energy (brand)(any flavor)

"Breathe Right" nasal strips

Ricola or other cough drops (any variety)

Pepto Bismal or equivalent (chewable tablets would be the easiest to mail)

Chewable antacid tablets (any variety/brand)

Chap stick (any variety/brand)

Daily multivitamins (men / women’s varieties)

“Airborne” immune booster (brand)(chewable tablets)(any flavor)

Icy Hot / Biofreeze (pain relief/muscle ache cream)

Aloe-vera lotion (specific type designed for dry/cracked skin)


Mouthwash strips (comes in little packet; similar in concept to tic-tacs, except in small thin “sheets”)

Antibacterial / wet wipes (not all baby wipes are specifically antibacterial, so might have to look in other areas of the store)

Hand sanitizer

Bar soap (Irish Springs, Ivory, etc.)

Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo or equivalent (the type for “dry scalp”)

Foot powder (this is NOT baby powder)

Q-tips or equivalent cotton swabs

Stick deodorant (either the BLUE stick or gel … not the white sticks/solid variety)(men and women’s varieties)

Disposable razors (twin blade, with lubricating/moisturizing strip on it)

Shaving cream

Feminine hygiene items

Sun block (higher SPF is better)(spray or lotion type)

Saline eye drops (“Visine” type products, for moisturizing purposes only, not for eye treatment)

“Moleskin”/Molefoam (“Dr. Scholl’s” is the most common brand)(for padding/protecting blisters)

Batteries (especially "AA" and "AAA" sizes)

Any / all other items you can think of that would be useful when in an environment where supplies aren’t as readily available as they are at home. 

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