Criteria for Requesting Financial Assistance from   ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~

Please carefully review all the criteria below and email us at support@honor-the-sacrifice.org with the required information included with your request in order to make our review of your request as efficient as possible.  This will help us more rapidly evaluate our potential ability to provide assistance.  Based on pending requests (caseload), analysis of funds available vs. obligations, and other applicable circumstances, a reply may take up to 10 business days but often comes sooner than that.  We will do our best to support whenever possible, but please understand if we are unable to support in a given case based on limited funds or other reasons deemed applicable by our Board of Directors.  A Veteran / active Warfighter may be granted financial assistance only once every 12 months (e.g. if granted funds in July, the recipient would not be eligible for additional financial assistance until the following July).  All decisions regarding assistance requests are at the discretion of our Board of Directors.

Criteria for requesting financial assistance through ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~:
1. Be active military, a member of a Guard or Reserve component, or a Veteran.

2. Provide proof of military service. 
Acceptable forms of proof are:

A. Officer / Enlisted Record Brief if still active, or equivalent Guard / Reserve records.
     B. DD 214 if a Veteran (must be copy that clearly shows characterization of discharge): characterization of discharge must be “Honorable” to receive immediate 
consideration (does not guarantee disbursement of assistance, which is at discretion of the HTS Board of Directors).  Discharges characterized as “General, Under Honorable Conditions” may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the HTS Board of Directors, but MUST be accompanied by a full explanation of the circumstances causing the characterization, to include follow-up questions deemed necessary by the Board.  Discharges characterized as “General, Under Other Than Honorable (OTH) Conditions”, “Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD)”, or “Dishonorable Discharge (DD)” are ineligible for financial assistance from HONOR THE SACRIFICE.
3. A government-issued photo ID must accompany proof of military service. 
Acceptable forms of photo ID include:

     A. Military Common Access Card (CAC) (a.k.a. “Military ID”). The card must not be expired.

B. Military Retiree ID card (must not be expired).

C. Veterans Administration (VA) ID card (must not be expired).

     D. State driver’s license or state-issued identification card (must not be expired).

4. Please include details of what assistance you are requesting (i.e. rent, utilities, vehicle maintenance, etc.) and the total amount you are requesting for each item, so we can best evaluate our ability to provide assistance.

5. Please let us know with what other group(s) / organization(s) you have coordinated for assistance, so we do not “double tap” if we need to reach out to our network in an effort to find additional resources to assist you. 

6. Please also review the additional resources available at the “Other Helpful Resources” and other links on our web site, www.honor-the-sacrifice.org.  Any assistance you may coordinate with those entities is between you and the contacted entity, and is controlled under their specific rules, policies, and procedures.  HONOR THE SACRIFICE has no control over the execution of their programs or any of their decisions regarding any assistance requests. 

NOTE: We request this information in order to ensure assistance is going to verified military members / Veterans.  This also allows us to provide proof of proper funds management for legal and regulatory purposes under state and federal law, as needed.  Your personal information and records are maintained in our confidential files and will not be released to any party outside the HTS Board of Directors, except as required by law.

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