Below are a few examples of the various and numerous projects, fundraisers and/or other events in which ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ has had the pleasure of being involved.

We are always thrilled when we are able to assist our Veterans in whatever way we can. We hold the privacy of all our Veterans in the highest regard. Any/all names and photos are used with permission.



NEED: Rent and vehicle repair assistance

SITUATION: Kyle, an active duty Airman, had run into some hard times and as a result of unexpected events, found himself and his Family significantly behind on rent and facing imminent eviction.  To make matters even tougher, their only vehicle had stopped running and his wife needed it to get to work so she could help make ends meet for their Family.  Other organizations had been able to help with only food, but no one was able to get Kyle and his Family out of the pit of financial despair into which events beyond their control had thrown them.
: HTS was able to do what no one else could, and took care of Kyle's rent and provided other resources for he and his wife to be able to get their car repaired.  Once again, the vast network of the HTS Nation saves the day for one of our nation's Warfighters and their Family ... KEEP UP THE FIRE!  



NEED: Rent and utilities assistance

SITUATION: Crissy, an Air Force Veteran, was almost making ends meet, but a delay in her benefits case processing caused her to fall behind in paying her rent and utilities, so she was facing eviction.  She needed a bit of a hand-UP to get over the gap until her benefits case could be finalized.  

RESULT: Never willing to let a Veteran lose his or her home, HTS sprang into action and worked with the utility company and landlord to provide the resources to make sure Crissy could bridge the gap and remain in her residence.  Now she is on her way to a brighter future and a more solid financial footing, thanks to the HTS Nation!  



NEED: Work-specific clothing

SITUATION: Cedric, a disabled Army Veteran, was medically discharged from the Army in mid-2013 and had been actively seeking employment ever since.  However, every employer with whom he applied would find a "reason" to reject him once they found out about his service-connected disability.  At last, Cedric was able to find employment in a good job but needed steel-toed work boots and heavy jeans to help ensure his physical safety before he could start work.  With their tenuous economic situation due to his extended unemployment, Cedric and his wife simply couldn't afford the needed items and he was due to start work in three days.  Not wanting to let this much-needed job slip away, Cedric reached out to the ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ team to help equip him to take the final step back into adequate employment.

RESULT: With characteristic organizational agility, the HTS Board of Directors worked with Cedric to rapidly review his service verification documents and was able to provide him with the needed safety clothing within 36 hours of his initial request, ensuring he was ready to head to work on his first scheduled day.  All the best to you in your new career, Cedric!  :-)  



NEED: Multiple

SITUATION: Jennifer, an active duty Soldier, and her husband were trying to dig out of the hole in which they had found themselves after he lost his job and they had to use their savings to make ends meet while he looked for more work.  With the amount of time it took to find adequate employment, Jennifer and her husband found themselves falling behind on basic expenses.  Jennifer reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~, saying, "We've been behind for a while because my husband was laid off last winter and hasn't been able to find a steady job yet.  I sent every bill that we are behind on, but anything would be a blessing.  I have refinanced our vehicle, lowered my phone bill, and done debt consolidation.  We are almost out from the hole we're in and just need a little help."

RESULT: With funds running critically low due to having assisted multiple other Veterans in recent weeks, the HTS Board of Directors took a hard look at what could be done to assist.  Always wanting to do everything possible to help our Warfighter Family, HTS was able to cover Jennifer's electric bill and help her and her husband take another step toward getting back on level financial ground.  The Board also provided Jennifer with other resource information where she could also find the additional assistance she and her husband needed, so this was a definite "all resources available" approach.  No matter what the challenge, HTS will never stop trying to do everything in our power to "be there" for our nation's Veterans and active Warfighters!  

LOCATION: Arkansas

NEED: Utilities assistance

SITUATION: Arthur, a disabled Army Veteran in Arkansas, ran into a rough patch with finances, just like many people do in the current economy.  With his Family's electricity and water about to be shut off, Arthur reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~, saying, "Hello, I am a disabled Veteran of the United States Army and a father of five.  I am requesting assistance to help pay a couple of bills that my Family and I are having trouble paying.  I have asked for help from every source that is in the area that my Family and I reside and they are unable to help us at this time.  I am asking for help because I am just trying to make sure my kids are taken care of.  After my divorce I was able to get custody of my oldest child and have not seen a dime of child support.  With the lawyer fees and trying to buy clothes for my children it has been really hard.  I am requesting help to pay our electric bill and most recent water bill. Thank you for your time."

: Leveraging the nation-wide reach of the HTS network, the HTS Board of Directors was able to make arrangements to cover these two bills for Arthur and ensure he and his Family were taken care of while they got back on their feet.  You made a real difference, HTS Nation!!

Arthur had this to say to the HTS Nation:  "Thank you so much!  You have no idea how much you have helped my Family and I.  God bless you and everybody that works with you to help when other people are unable to."


NEED: Vehicle repair assistance

SITUATION: Scott, an active duty Soldier, was preparing to head to the National Training Center (NTC -- a major Army Combat Training exercise post, a.k.a. "War Games") in California for a month-long predeployment training exercise.  His wife would be left with no reliable transportation to get to work and do the things she needed to do to take care of their household because his truck was a stick-shift, which she couldn't drive.  His wife had a car, but it couldn't legally be driven because it needed to be registered in Texas (old registration was expired).  It couldn't be registered until the tires were replaced because they were too worn to pass inspection.  Therein lay the problem ... Scott and his wife couldn't afford the tires to get the situation moving again.  To add the proverbial "cherry" to the top of the pile, the air / heating system in his wife's car wasn't working properly either, and that wasn't a good thing since they were getting ready to head into the hot Texas summer.  As every good Soldier does, Scott realized it was time to call in some back-up, so he reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~.  

RESULT: The HTS Board had a Director meet with Scott and his wife to get four new tires put on her car and while this was being done, went to the auto parts store with them to get the part needed to fix the air / heating system.  HTS then worked with a partner organization who had a mechanic who did volunteer auto work for Veterans and active service members.  Once the air / heating system was fixed, a Director again met with Scott and his wife at the DMV and covered the cost of registration.  Now that the car was fixed up and legally registered, things are "rolling in the right direction" again for Scott and his wife.  


NEED: Housing / relocation assistance

SITUATION: Andre and his wife, both Veterans, had fallen on hard financial times due to underemployment and costs associated with raising their first child.  Faced with imminent eviction from their home, Andre reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ for some assistance.  

RESULT: Although Andre and his Family were not able to stay in the home they were in when they contacted HTS, our team worked with them to find another suitable location.  When a generous friend helped Andre with funds to secure their new home, there still remained the need for relocation.  Working with a partner organization and HTS supporters, the HTS Board arranged for use of a box truck (with driver) and a team of volunteers who were able to move Andre and his Family from one residence to the other, all in less than a day!  :-)  Now THAT was some awesome teamwork!  Andre and his Family are now happily settled into their new home and doing well, and are on their way to a much more stable financial footing, thanks to the backing of the HTS Nation.  


NEED: Multiple

SITUATION: Paul, an Army Reservist, and also a Veteran of active duty service, had run into a quagmire of a financial situation and needed a hand-UP.  Not having anywhere else to turn, Paul reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~, saying,

My name is Paul ******. I am a reservist in the US Army and also a Vet. I was directed from Operation Phantom Support to get in contact with you  about financial help.  To explain my situation: I was mobilized last year and demobilized at the end of last Sept. Since then I have been unemployed. I started collecting unemployment in November 2014. In Dec I thought I found a promising job opening. during the interview I mentioned i was in the Reserves.  They told me no problem.  Well, a few days went by after I was hired and I supplied them with my memo for drill duty.  They denied my memo and said I couldn't do my drill or if I did I would get negative attendance points.  Ultimately it did not work out due to their attitude toward me continuing to serve in the Reserves.  I am needing help with basically all my bills. I already had one car repoed because I fell behind on payments and the company said they was working with me. I am asking for any assistance that you can help me with. I have already worked with Family in Crisis and USAcares in the past.

In my house is me, my wife, and three kids (13 boy, 11 girl, 10 boy).  I am actively looking for employment, and I put in around 5-10 applications a day.  If there is any other information you need from me, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Thank you.

RESULT: The HTS Board of Directors quickly assessed the situation and realized this would be a "network effort" between HTS and other partnered organizations due to the significant financial need that went past the available financial resources HTS had on hand.  The Board reached out to Paul's landlord first, since Paul and his wife had just received a three-day eviction notice and were about to be homeless with their three children.  After covering Paul's rent and ensuring his Family would still have shelter, HTS reached out to other organizations and worked with Paul to ensure he was able to coordinate with them and cover the rest of his Family's needs until they were able to get themselves back on a more stable financial footing.  Thanks to the awesome teamwork between HTS and other Veteran assistance organizations, Paul and his Family are on their way to a better and brighter future together!  :-)


LOCATION: Texas / Illinois

NEED: Emergency transportation assistance 

SITUATIONTimothy, an Army National Guard Veteran from Illinois, had moved to Texas.  An unexpected personal situation arose that required him to quickly return to his hometown in Illinois, so he could take care of a matter concerning his child.  Timothy reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ to help get some transportation rolling so he could get back home in time to take care of the business at hand.  

RESULT: The HTS team quickly arranged bus transportation to get Timothy back home the next day, ensuring he was able to care for his Family as needed.  This shows the agility and flexibility of our organization, thanks to the support of the HTS Nation!!  :-)


NEED: Car payment assistance

SITUATION: Matthew, a young Army Soldier, had recently been promoted to the rank of Specialist (E-4) and was excited about what the future held.  But as sometimes happens, the Army Finance system didn't quite keep up and continued to pay Matthew as a Private First Class (E-3) for an additional six months, even though all the proper paperwork had been filed in a timely manner to update his records and rank.  This caused Matthew to fall behind on his car payment and face a too-long wait until the Army could correct his pay issue.  Matthew called on the ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ team, saying, "I'm SPC *******.  The Army accidentally paid me as an E-3, when I'm an E-4, causing me to fall tremendously behind on my auto loan.  I've been an E-4 for the past six months.  It just so happens that Finance messed up my pay by putting the wrong rank, and I won't receive the backpay owed me until next pay period.  I believe tomorrow is the final day of my grace period.  Please help me! 

RESULT: Using funds contributed by generous business donors, HTS was able to bring Matthew's auto loan current, ensuring he and his wife were able to keep their only vehicle so he could get to work and she could take care of things needing to be done to care for their Family.  

Matthew had this to say to the HTS Nation:  Thanks soooo much for the help ... I didn't know what I was going to do!  I am very grateful, and my wife and I thank you so very much for helping us out of this pickle we were in.  I will most definitely spread the word to other Soldiers in and out of my unit, and I'm hopeful to start my own organization such as this, to also help Soldiers once I ETS (get out of the Army)!  God bless you, and I wish you the best success.  Know we Soldiers appreciate you and all of your support. HOOAH! God bless and good night! :-)



NEED: Utilities assistance

SITUATION: Jeb, a Soldier transitioning out of the Army, found himself stuck in the same "limbo" where many Veterans find themselves when waiting for the VA to process and finalize disability claims. The all-to-often excessive wait for the VA to determine a disability rating and begin benefits payments can leave Veterans like Jeb in a financial bind.  Jeb reached out to his Warfighter Family through ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~, saying, "My name is Jeb and I am a U.S. Army Veteran transitioning from military to civilian life.  I am seeking financial assistance for my utility bills for the month of January.  I have two small children and I am a single parent.  I am still waiting for the VA to determine my disability claim.  All of my utility bills are currently past due." 

RESULT: Using funds raised from HTS-crested fundraising merchandise and very generous donations from HTS supporters, the Board of Directors contacted Jeb's utility companies and made sure he and his children were taken care of until he was able to get back on a more stable financial footing.  Thanks for the support, HTS Nation!

Jeb had this to say to the HTS Nation:  Thank you very much for your support and assistance!  I really appreciate what your organization is doing for Veterans.  God bless you all! 



NEED: Emergency housing assistance (homeless Veteran)

SITUATION: Harold, an Army Veteran, found himself suddenly and unexpectedly homeless and needed some back-up.  Without warning, Harold's previous roommate decided he didn't want Harold living at the residence with his dog anymore and gave him the ultimatum to choose either the residence or the dog.  Since Harold believes in the code of Warfighter loyalty, he refused to simply throw away his four-legged friend and his roommate kicked them both out on the street.  Living in his truck with his dog, Harold refused to quit.  He reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ for a hand-UP, saying, "I am requesting assistance because I was told by my old roommate that my dog and I can no longer stay at his house.  I am currently living in my truck with my dog.  I am asking for assistance with a new place to live.  If I get the assistance to get in a new place to live I will be able to pay the bills every month after that, since I am currently getting disability from the VA and I just started a new job.  Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me."   

RESULT: The HTS Board of Directors reached out to a landlord who had a suitable location where Harold could stay and not have to give up his beloved canine companion.  The Board quickly made arrangements to cover the costs for Harold to move in and his first month's rent, as well as made arrangements and provided assistance to get his utility accounts set up and operational.  Harold is now back on a solid footing and moving forward successfully with his furry friend!  :-)

Harold had this to say to the HTS Nation: Thank you for all that the whole team did for me. I am so very grateful for all of the help I got from ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~!



NEED: Emergency travel

SITUATION: Curtis, an Army Veteran, was very proud of his daughter for continuing their Family's tradition of military service.  Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas, she was seriously injured in a bad traffic accident and was hospitalized away from her base due to the specialty care she needed.  Curtis and his wife immediately came to be with their daughter, but the unexpected lodging expense put a dangerous strain on their finances.  Their daughter's unit's chaplain reached out to HTS to see what might be done. 

RESULT: Always eager to help the Warfighter Family, HTS rapidly coordinated with Curtis and the chaplain, taking care of enough time at a suitable lodging location near the hospital where Curtis' daughter was receiving care so that he and his wife could be with their daughter when she needed their support.  Once stable enough to move to a military facility, their daughter was relocated and Curtis and his wife moved to an on-base lodging facility provided for them by the Army.  Their daughter will fully recover and they are very grateful to the HTS Nation for the willing assistance in their time of need. 

: Michigan

NEED: Multiple

SITUATION: A dual Veteran couple (names withheld for privacy) had been working hard to get their Family on a more solid financial footing, but have been challenged by slow movement in the VA benefits system, one not being able to work due to being the other's primary caregiver, and a host of other challenges.  Making for a hard year, it got even harder over the holidays when things came to a head on multiple fronts, to include phone bills, car repairs (needed to get to VA appointments), and any parents' fear -- not being able to give their children even a basic Christmas.  Knowing there were others who were willing to support, the couple reached out to HTS for a hand-UP. 

RESULT: Using funds raised through sales of HTS merchandise and generous donations of supporters, HTS provided funds to help with some of their needs, to include being able to have a Christmas meal for them and their children.  We continue to pray for them as they still have a long road ahead, but are keeping their heads high and pressing forward in the Warfighter spirit!


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Navy Veteran, "L. R.", ran into a bit of economic turbulence when she lost her job and got behind on essential bills like rent.  Mustering her Warfighter determination, she continued to forge ahead and do her best, but still needed some back-up.  L.R. reached out to HTS to help bridge the gap so she could keep her home until the income from her new job started coming in.

RESULT: Using resources on hand, the HTS Board of Directors contacted L.R.'s landlord and made arrangements to help with the rent situation.  Because of the support of the HTS Nation, L.R. was able to keep her home an move forward toward a more stable footing. 


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Air Force Veteran, Stephen, ran into a bit of a "speed bump" when his income from VA benefits was disrupted due to processing errors in the Veteran benefit system.  With rent coming due and no way to get the error corrected and his income restored in time, Stephen faced potential eviction.  With no where to go, he turned to HTS for a "hand UP". 

RESULT: The HTS support team contacted Stephen's landlord who was willing to work with both HTS and Stephen to ensure he was able to keep his home while working to straighten out the errors in the VA processing of his benefits.  HTS bridged the gap on Stephen's rent to give him the time needed to ensure his income was back on track and get on a stable footing again.  And thanks to the landlord's patriotism and appreciation for Stephen's service, he agreed to work with Stephen on his rent situation until his full income stream was properly restored.  It's great to see "American people supporting America's Warriors!"


NEED: Utilities assistance

SITUATION: Army Veteran, Pamela, contacted us for a "hand UP" when a delay in her VA benefits put her in a tight spot with some utility bills.  Here's what she had to say:

This is my situation.  I ETS'd from the military in May 2014 and my separation pay carried me through mid September.  Now I am currently waiting to hear from the VA in regards to my post 9/11 benefits which I haven't received even though my attendance in classes has been verified.  I have my utilities of gas and electric due and no way to pay.  I'm told by the state that my VA benefits disqualifies me for cash assistance and that I should still have funds left over and have disqualified me for food assistance.  I have been borrowing money from friends to help with a little gas and food for my son and myself and now I'm not sure where to turn to assist with the utilities.  My landlord is understanding with rent since he deals with the VA constantly.  Thank you for your time.



RESULT:  The HTS team was able to take care of Pamela's utility bills, bridging the gap until her VA benefits came in and she could get on her feet and to a better financial situation. 

We are able to do this only through the generous donations of the HTS Nation and through funds raised by the sale of HTS-crested merchandise, such as our custom shirts, coins, and the HTS Charity Calendar.  If you'd care to donate to our efforts to assist Veterans and active Warfighters, you can do so securely through the "Donate" button on our home page at http://www.honor-the-sacrifice.org/

LOCATION: North Carolina

NEED: Emergency car repairs

SITUATION: Thomas, an Army Veteran, was stretching everything he and his wife had to make ends meet and was just scraping by.  Then the "Murphy factor" struck and their only car broke down.  With less than $3 in the bank, Thomas seemingly had no options left.  His wife was even to the point of selling her wedding ring to pay for the repairs so they could get to work and provide for their Family.  A member of the HTS Board of Directors caught wind of the situation and immediately alerted the full Board. 

RESULT: Our team quickly contacted the repair shop in Thomas' town and made arrangements to cover the car repairs.  With the repairs completed soon after, Thomas and his Family are back on the road to a more stable foundation.  Job well done, HTS Nation! 

LOCATION: Minnesota

NEED: Multiple

SITUATION: Army Veteran, Brett, contacted us with a tough situation where he needed a "hand UP" to get to clear ground.  Here's what he had to say:

Hi, my name is Brett. I was referred by a friend to your organization for financial help for my family.  My fiancé and I have been together for two years, since just before I was medically discharged from the Army. She has been here to take care of me with everything I have needed. She recently graduated college but is not able to work because she has to be home to take care of me. Our only source of income is my VA benefits each month which is only $XXX. It's not nearly enough to provide for our family, we have 4 children all under the age of 8. We have been waiting for months for Social Security and just found out that I was approved but now we have to wait for more paperwork and we don't know how long it could be. We're in a very big pinch this month because I had a surgery, and the traveling has taken a toll on our family truck, the kids are starting school and supplies and clothes are expensive, the cost for groceries are hard to keep up with, our electric bill has gotten up to $XXX behind and we cant afford to pay that, or our phone bill which is $XXX, or our car insurance which is $XXX. I just don't know what more I can do for my family so I have started looking for help. I have venal malformations in my right leg which make it almost impossible to walk, and I have severe anxiety and depression and all the money problems and my inability to walk or run or even play with my kids like I would like to have all made my anxiety and depression worse. I just want to be able to make it through this month and enjoy a couple days of reduced stress before we start all over again next month when I have another surgery.
Is there any way your organization could help my family, or possibly point us in the right direction?
Thank you so much for your time.

RESULT: Using the power of HTS' reach across the country, our team was able to send Brett and his fiance' the assistance they needed to help get their Family through the rough patch in which they found themselves.  Thanks to the HTS Nation, Brett knows he is not alone and "Once a Warfighter, ALWAYS a Warfighter!"


NEED: Transition assistance exiting military service

SITUATION: Krystle, an active duty Soldier preparing to ETS (separate from military service due to expiration of term of enlistment) from the Army, faced a significant challenge in crossing the gap of transitioning from military service to the civilian sector.  A single mother of a young child, Krystle needed to secure adequate housing for her and her child and had to come up with the deposit and first month's rent.  She also knew that since she lived on base, her BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing, the part of a Soldier's pay intended to cover rent) would be taken out of her pay at the end of her last month of service to pay for the previous month's "rent" for her on-base home.  This left her with no way to pay for the deposit / rent on a new home, while she started her new job in the business world and waited for her pay to start. 

RESULT: Using funds raised through a variety of efforts, the HTS Board of Directors contacted Krystle's new landlord and were able to assist her with the cost of transitioning to a suitable home as she began her new career in the civilian sector.  Krystle and her child are now happily settled in to their new home and new life, thanks to the generous support of the HTS Nation.  We wish Krystle all the best as she embarks on this new chapter of her life!


NEED: Car payment assistance

SITUATION: Donald, an active duty Soldier proudly serving his nation, needed a "hand UP" when some unexpected expenses put him behind with his car payment.  Donald and his Family relied on their one vehicle, so repossession would have been disastrous for them.  Having nowhere else to turn, Donald reached out to HTS for some assistance. 

RESULT: Always ready and eager to help our active Warfighters and Veterans, the HTS Board of Directors quickly verified Donald's situation per normal procedures and contacted his loan company.  HTS helped Donald with a payment on his essential vehicle and he and his Family were able to get caught up and are on the road to a solid financial footing again.  Thanks for your service and sacrifices for our nation, Donald!


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Dereck, an Army Veteran, lost his job earlier this year and despite his continued best efforts, wasn't able to find sufficient employment to bring in enough income to cover all his expenses.  Because of this, Dereck and his Family were facing imminent eviction unless some "reinforcements" could be found to stand with them.  Operation Phantom Support (http://www.operationphantomsupport.com/), with whom HTS partners, was able to partially assist Dereck, then reached out to HTS for a team assist to cover the rest. 

RESULT: Due to the generosity of the HTS Nation and income generated from HTS-crested fundraising items, we were able to cover the remaining balance on Dereck's rent and ensure he and his Family remained with a roof over their heads.  This "tag team" effort between HTS and Operation Phantom Support is a great example of "Veterans taking care of Veterans", and being teamed with patriotic American's who also support our nation's heroes.  Job well done, HTS Nation ... KEEP UP THE FIRE!!


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Charles, an Army Veteran, fell on tough times after his retirement following over 20 years of honorable service to our nation.  Like many Veterans, Charles and his Family were hit hard by the state of our economy, leading to underemployment and financial distress.  Charles was working to further his education so he could better support his Family, but when employment challenges piled on top of everything else, he and his Family faced eviction from their home.  Due to the time required for his education benefits to "kick in", Charles needed some back-up to bridge the gap until his benefits came in and pay checks from his wife's new job would allow them to get back on a more stable financial footing.

RESULT: Using funds raised from sales of HTS-crested shirts and the HTS AR-15 raffle, we were able to assist Charles and his Family with rent to get settled into a new home.  With the "hand UP" from the HTS Nation, this Warfighter and his Family are well on their way to a solid future.  This is another example of how the HTS Nation lives up to our name of "American people supporting America's Warriors!"


NEED: Multiple

SITUATION: David* (name changed to protect identity), an active duty Warfighter, was going through a very rough personal / Family situation that would put the toughest of people through the proverbial wringer.  Due to a variety of reasons disclosed to HTS, David faced a daunting financial and legal (child custody) battle.  While having to stay separated from involvement in any legal matters, HTS saw a clear opportunity to help David through this tough time by providing support with his financial situation to assist he and his children. 

RESULT: After carefully evaluating the circumstances of David's situation, HTS covered the amount David owed to his military installation's housing office to allow David to use his monthly pay to focus on the necessities of life for he and his kids, to include finding a home of their own suitable for their situation.  Great work, HTS Nation ... you made it possible for HTS to "be there" for David and his Family!  KEEP UP THE FIRE!!

LOCATION: California

NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Tim, a Navy Veteran, struggles with a challenge many of our Veterans sadly face after leaving the service ... underemployment and/or unemployment.  After staying with friends who were kind enough to "be there" for him to help with transitional housing needs for a few months, Tim was getting to where he would be able to finally move into his own apartment again.  He had just found a job three months earlier, but due to unexpected auto repairs and some other expenses, was looking at being out on the street in short order.  That's when Tim reached out to HTS for a "hand UP". 

RESULT: With funds raised from the HTS AR-15 raffle, sales of HTS-crested shirts, and generous donations from the HTS Nation, we were able to help Tim cover the initial cost of getting into his apartment and getting set up for future success as he moves forward into bigger an better things.  Another job well done, HTS Nation! 


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: A VA office in a large Texas city contacted us for help when they had no one else who could "make things happen" for them to help a Veteran in their care.  James, a Veteran still fighting the battle within, was getting close to completing a treatment program with them, but faced eviction from his apartment.  After he completed his treatment, he'd be able to make ends meet, but needed help to get to that point. 

RESULT: Because of funds raised through our AR-15 raffle and sales of HTS-crested merchandise, we were able to bring James' rent account current and gave him a solid foundation on which to start as he successfully completed his treatment.  May God bless and strengthen this Warfighter and keep his mind at peace as he moves forward in success. 


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Becky, a disabled Veteran, and her husband (also a Veteran) had faced a long and rough road after exiting military service.  With disability and retirement pay not covering the bills, and work hard to come by, they sadly had to live out of their car and motels for several years to help make very basic ends meet.  After five long years, Becky was finally able to get a job and they moved their Family back to Texas. Because of moving expenses and her husband still not being able to find work, they ran short on money and paying rent and the rest of the security deposit for their new home. Due to a miscommunication regarding her VA educational benefits, they stopped sooner than expected, adding to their financial stress.  Becky's checks from her job had also been smaller than the normal because she had just started and had been in training. They had been saving for two years for when one of them got a job so they could afford to move to that job and be financially secure until pay checks started coming in. However, unforeseen car trouble on the way to Texas from their last location unexpectedly used up a lot of their savings.  Because of this unexpected "hit" on their finances, they just needed a bit of reinforcement to help get them over the hill until regular pay checks started.  Their new start in Texas was the first time their children have had a place to call home in four years.  

RESULT: With funds raised through sale of HTS-crested shirts, coins, and donations from generous HTS Nation members, we helped Becky and her Family cross the financial gap to where the paychecks started coming in and they are now on more sound financial footing, living happily together in the Lone Star State!  Way to go, HTS Nation!!

Becky had this to say to the HTS Nation: "THANK YOU! I can not say this enough. Your organization has just done so much for my Family. I will always be grateful for this. Thank you."


NEED: Rent assistance

SITUATION: Kameron, an Army Veteran, had recently gotten out of the Army and due to limited job opportunities, had taken a significant pay cut.  This left him in a financial hole and he and his Family faced eviction from their home.  Kameron's church was able to partially assist with their rent needs, but there was still a shortfall. 

RESULT: HTS picked up at the point to which the church was able to carry them, providing the remainder of the rent money needed to ensure this Warfighter's Family was taken care of and properly housed.  Keep up the fire, HTS Nation ... your nation's Warfighters need you to continue to "be there" for them!!


NEED: Immediate rent assistance (*NOTE: this is truly one of the most tragic and heart-wrenching cases HTS has handled to date)

SITUATION: Nancy* (name changed to protect privacy) and her husband (he's the Veteran) lived in City X (location withheld to protect privacy).  Nancy battles terminal breast cancer, which is a massive challenge and burden in and of itself.  Couple that with financial challenges brought on by the current state of the economy, and it leads to Nancy and her husband facing imminent eviction from their apartment.  If all this wasn't bad enough, things suddenly took a tragic turn for Nancy ... (NOTE: the following information may trigger PTSD or other reactions in some persons, so please read on only if you feel you can do so safely).  One evening in early May, Nancy's husband left their apartment to get some items from a convenience store across the road from where they lived, but was tragically struck by a vehicle and killed.  Nancy was left suddenly alone, having lost her life companion, battling terminal cancer, and facing almost immediate eviction.  Despite the tragedy, their landlord only gave Nancy a five day extension ... yes, only five days!  A member of the HTS Board of Directors learned of the situation through a Veteran's Ambassador and immediately "sent up a red star cluster" (military slang for an emergency signal showing help is urgently needed) to the HTS Board. 

RESULT: HTS was able to work with Nancy's landlord to take bring all rent and other account costs current and ensure she had a stable living situation, allowing her time to properly honor and lay her husband to rest.  Working in concert with other agencies, HTS will continue to monitor the situation to ensure Nancy receives the support she needs.


NEED: Immediate short-term expenses

SITUATION: Scott, an active Army Soldier, was scheduled to depart the Army but had agreed to extend a month to assist his unit with an operation.  Unfortunately, his extension paperwork never got properly processed through the Army Finance system and Finance stopped his pay, as their records showed he had reached the end of his service period and was out of the Army.  On a Friday afternoon, HTS President & CEO Drew Deaton got an urgent phone call from the chaplain's office at Scott's base.  The chaplain's assistant told Drew that the local Finance office couldn't process anything until the following Monday due to the late hour, the AER (Army Emergency Relief) system wouldn't help because Scott was so close to leaving the Army. and the chaplain's office Resource Manager was gone until Monday.  With all the "official" options counted out, Scott was facing a very TARFU (Things Are Really F'd Up) and very long weekend with no electric, no phone, no gas, and no food.  What to do? 

RESULT: The HTS Nation stepped in and bridged the gap, squaring Scott away with enough funds to cover immediate expenses until the administrative errors with his pay could be corrected and Scott would be able to get back on a solid footing.  Scott was extremely grateful and knows first-hand how well the HTS Nation lives up to it's motto of "American people supporting America's Warriors!"


NEED: Utilities / Rent

SITUATION: Like many of her fellow Americans, Janet, an Army Veteran, had lost her job.  Her water had been turned off, her electricity was about to be turned off, and her rent was due.  What as she to do?  Janet turned to the HTS Nation who responded quickly to give her a "hand UP" and an opportunity to get back on her feet. 

RESULT: HTS paid Janet's water bill and rapidly got it turned back on and paid her electric bill to make sure she'd have proper living conditions.  And since Janet had fortunately just gotten a new job, but still faced a significant uphill financial battle to dig out from the extended period without employment, HTS paid her rent for a month to allow her to get a bit more caught up and solidly back on her feet.  Well done, HTS Nation, well done!!  Janet is now looking forward to opportunities where she can work with HTS to "give back" to her fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms and "be there" for them in their time of need like the HTS Nation was there for her.



SITUATION: Charlie, an Army Veteran, was left "high and dry" financially when a planned roommate bailed at the last minute.  Because he now had to handle the entire rent himself, and cover the apartment's full deposit amount, Charlie had no funds left for a proper bed.  Forced to sleep on a futon that exacerbated his back issues which started during his military service, Charlie turned to the HTS Nation for some back up.

RESULT: HTS provided Charlie a new bed, specifically selected to help support his specific needs with his back.  The HTS Nation lived up to our motto of "American people supporting America's Warriors!" yet again!  :-)


NEED: Immediate housing assistance (and HTS Vice President discovers a need to save their Christmas)

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond her control, Erricka, a Veteran and single mother with four young children ranging in age from 2 to 15, lost virtually everything she and her Family had.  With bills piling up, rent overdue, Christmas approaching, and their Family about to be homeless, she and her children were out of options.  What to do? 

Enter ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ and the awesome members of the HTS Nation ….

RESULT: Rallying on-hand resources, the HTS Board of Directors worked with Erricka’s landlord and made payment arrangement and ultimately HTS was able to catch up Erricka’s back rent and give her some much-needed “breathing room” to get back on a more stable financial footing.  But the challenges weren’t over yet ….

While working with Erricka, our HTS Vice President discovered Christmas was looking very bleak for Erricka and her four kids.  Facing one of a parent’s worst nightmares, Erricka had been forced to tell her kids there was no money for Christmas 2013.  Now it IS true that Family makes up the main part of Christmas, but with young kids, it just wouldn’t be the same without presents under the tree on Christmas morning!  So now what? 

The HTS Nation once again responded and collectively said “NOT ON OUR WATCH!”, being determined to make sure this Veteran and her four young ones did indeed have a Christmas of their own.  HTS quickly rallied a variety of support, ranging from setting up an online registry for the kids’ presents, to receiving mailed-in contributions, to procuring the remaining gifts for the kids, to providing a grocery store gift card so Erricka and her kids would have a Christmas dinner, and also making sure Erricka had some Christmas morning excitement with gifts for her under the tree too!  What made this even more special was that the Christmas tree Erricka and her kids enjoyed was provided by another Veteran whom HTS had assisted previously … a case of “pay it forward / pay it back” and helping a sister-in-arms, for sure! 

Erricka and her kids were overjoyed, seeing a “homeless, no Christmas” situation turned into a “housed and fun Christmas” right before their eyes, thanks to the HTS Nation! 

Erricka's response to the HTS Nation: “Praise the Lord, thank you all so much for helping my children and I in our time of need.  It is my prayer that GOD overshadow you with His goodness for sowing into my life. Thank you for being the salt of the earth through what you do for others! :) Thank you so much for all that you all did!

HTS Nation, thanks for helping take care of this American hero and for putting the “Merry” back into this Family’s “Christmas”! 


NEED: Immediate housing assistance

Francie, a Veteran and single mother in West Virginia, found herself at the wrong end of a retaliatory rent raise from her landlord who was striking back at her for trying to hold him to his contractual obligations under their lease agreement the previous winter.  Because the lease had come up for renewal, he was unfortunately legally able to use the tactics he employed, by turning the lease into a monthly one, as well as jacking the rent from $650 to a staggering $1,500 per month.  Because she faces the same financial hardships as do many Veterans and other Americans in today's economy, Francie found herself in a extremely bad position, facing homelessness for her and her children.  What to do?  Francie made a very smart choice and reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~. 

Here's what Francie said about her and her kids' situation:

"I am reaching out to your page (the HTS Facebook page) for help because of the large amount of viewers. I am a 9 year Army veteran (DD214 available). I am desperate and have no other options but to embarrass myself and reach out to strangers for help. Me and 7 children will be homeless in 2 weeks if I can't come up with enough money to move. I have literally contacted every Veteran and local organizations I know of, only to be turned away. My local VA has programs for homeless Vets but they don't help Families. DHHR (Department of Health and Human Resources) says I don't qualify for emergency assistance. The Red Cross will only help me if my housing situation was caused by a disaster...churches have no funds, or they pledge $$ once I already have a lease (which I can't have without $). I just don't know what to do! I realize there are a lot of scammers and I will be happy to send you whatever documentation you need."

With our HTS funds exhausted from recent assistance cases, HTS had no way to help with direct financial assistance, but would our Board of Directors let that stop them?  NOT A CHANCE, especially when a Veteran was in need!!

Reaching out to the HTS Nation, we put out the word for fellow patriots to join us in helping Francie and her kids, and the HTS Nation responded in grand fashion!  :-)

RESULT: One HTS Nation member in particular went far "Above and Beyond" to help Francie.  HTS Nation member Jeannette King, CEO of SRE, Inc. (http://www.sreinc.us/) and herself a Veteran, unhesitatingly stepped up to partner with HTS to get Francie the assistance she needed.  In close coordination with the HTS Board of Directors, Jeannette worked with "Final Salute, Inc." (http://www.finalsaluteinc.org/) and within less than four days, had Francie and her kids set up and moved into a new home, all safe and sound.  :-)  This dynamic action from the HTS Nation gave Francie and her kids a safe home and a new start where they could continue to strengthen and build their lives to move forward from the hardships in which they had unfortunately found themselves.  So there was, after all, a silver lining in the clouds hanging over Francie.  She and her kids have a new start, the HTS Nation network is even stronger, and we are proud and privileged to call both SRE, Inc. and Final Salute, Inc. friends and partners in the ongoing effort to honor and assist our American heroes.  Together, we are all ... "American People Supporting America's Warriors!" 

Francie's response to the HTS Nation: "Thanks for all your help with my situation! Trust me when I tell you I couldn't possibly be more grateful to you and ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~.  I'm happy to say that Final Salute has helped me find a great house I can afford! I never would be able to do that hadn't been for HTS. Thank you!  My kids are very excited and yes, Jeannette is an angel for all she did to help us.  I am so very, very happy! God has blessed my Family in abundance!  Have a great Thanksgiving and once again thank you so very much for all you have done for my Family."

To learn more about SRE, Inc., whose CEO TRULY "stepped up" in a major way as part of the HTS Nation to help Francie, please see the information below, visit their web site and let Jeannette know how much you appreciate her leadership and example of what it REALLY means to support our Veterans! 

About SRE: SRE, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Navy Veteran Jeannette King to provide Strategic IT and Management Consulting services to the federal government. Using International standards and industry best practices such as ISO, PMP®, ITIL®, and CMMI, SRE solves complex problems within the federal space and implements repeatable processes for our customers to use long after our work is finished. SRE’s focus on training and empowerment expands from employees to customers through our certified training programs in ITIL®, ISO, CISSP, and PMP®.


SRE is actively engaged in our community by supporting organizations that focus on Veterans and active duty military and their families. SRE's President & CEO is on the board of Final Salute, Inc. (www.finalsaluteinc.org) which provides housing to the more than 55,000 homeless female Veterans and is the presenting sponsor for Ms. Veteran America (msveteranamerica.org) two years in a row. In addition, SRE and Final Salute support USO Metro DC to provide Christmas presents to active duty service members' children and Soldiers Angels to provide care packages to service members who are deployed. Most recently SRE has engaged with ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ which supports both active duty service members and Veterans.

Jeannette King, MBA, PMP, RMP, ITILv3 EXPERT

ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant-Manager
President & CEO
SRE, Inc
SBA 8a/SDB Certified Small Business/Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned
100% Woman-Veteran Owned
Fax: (888) 283-4367



NEED: Housing assistance

Jason R., a Veteran with PTSD, and his wife, Jennifer, were facing a challenging time and needed some back up.  Here's what Jennifer said:

"My name is Jennifer R. My husband, Jason, is a veteran with PTSD and was one of about 300 to lose his job with XXXXXXX in August (HTS edited the name of the company to protect the Veteran's privacy).  Operation Once In A Lifetime referred us to you. We were wondering if there is any financial assistance available because our rent is behind due to the loss of income. With some help from family members and churches we have so far been able to pay most of our utilities. (The gentleman from OOIAL) gave us your card and told us to see if there was anything you could do to help us. We have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter, so we're constantly borrowing from friends and family members to try to keep food on the table. September's rent hasn't been paid and we have October rent coming due on the first. Anything at all is a big help and will keep our landlady from calling us every other day threatening eviction. We have a car payment for our family vehicle due on the 30th also. I am sending this email because my husband has become irritated and a lot of the time feels like it is hopeless. That would be his PTSD kicking in, which I've learned to handle and/or tolerate. He is enrolled to start school under his GI Bill, but his classes don't start until late October. He will settle down more once he has something to keep him busy again. Also, once the allowances from his GI Bill start coming in, we will have our finances under control, but the end of November-the beginning of December is a long wait with 2 young children. I have attached a copy of Jason's DD214. I can be reached either by this email address or by my cell.F  REE  end_of_the_skype_highlig

Thank you for your time and consideration."

RESULT: After verifying Jason's service with the provided DD214, the HTS Board of Directors set about figuring how to best tackle this challenge, due to HTS funds being at a low level at the time.  Ultimately, the choice wasn't even really a choice ... the funds HTS has are there for a reason and that reason is very simple ... TO HELP VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES WHEN THEY NEED US!!  God blessed the effort and provided just enough funds for HTS to be able to cover the back rent for Jason, Jennifer and their Family, helping tide them over until they were able to get on a more stable footing financially. 

Jennifer's response to the HTS Nation: "Thank you very much for your help! We really appreciate it. Now we can concentrate a little more on groceries and our job searching. With my husband's PTSD, I'm usually the one to help hold it all together and always pushing things in the right direction, and sometimes it just gets frustrating feeling like I do it alone most of the time. Having our landlord caught up will help immensely, so I can't thank you enough for that."

This is another example of where generous donations by members of the HTS Nation and income generated through our line of HTS logo merchandise made a real difference. 

Another job well done, HTS Nation ... KEEP UP THE FIRE!!



NEED: Family / housing assistance

Minnesota Army National Guard Soldier Trey O. had fallen on tough times and was dealing with less-than-sufficient work opportunities to support his Family due to the state of the economy.  He was at risk of losing his home where he lives with his wife and three young daughters.  Trey, wanting to give his all to take care of his beautiful Family, reached out to the HONOR THE SACRIFICE Nation. 

Here's what Trey said about his situation:

"I was referred to you by "We support our troops with PTSD".  I am in the Minnesota Army National Guard and am prior service Air Force.  I have never deployed but I am asking and to the point of begging.  I need help with late rent. I had made an agreement with our property manager and she was ok with it but said it had to be approved. Well it wasn't and I now have 3 days to pay September rent or I have to sign a "mutual termination of the lease" agreement.  I work for a security company and at a mine here in northern Minnesota.  A lot of the money I make goes to gas to drive the 50+ miles a day to and from work.

My wife was at home when they decided to serve these papers today. So she is now a horrible mess. She has already been suffering from depression and anxiety, and this is not helping her one bit. I feel like a failure. I am busting my ass to try to provide for my family and when I need help I can't find it.  I had wished for help on the website (XXXXXXXXXX) and got nothing.  I have been trying to contact the person there that is supposed to help military in times of need like this for a while now and I haven't even heard back from him no matter how many times I call it email.  I am begging for help. If you can help me find help or get people to help whoever it is can even call out apartments and pay them directly. I need this help so bad. I just don't know where to turn.  My wife has no family and my family is a deal with it yourself kind of family.  I am pissed that my wife got them while she is home alone with our three young girls. She texted me and called a thousand times and when she finally got ahold of me was crying so hard she could barely breath. I can even send copies of my dd214 and anything else you need if it will help.  I hate asking but Lord knows I have no other options."

RESULT: So what to do in such an urgent, short-notice situation?  The HTS Board of Directors, fully backed by the mighty HTS Nation, did exactly what HTS is designed to do ... strapped on our boots and went to work to help a Veteran / Citizen-Soldier and his Family in need!  Using funds on hand, gathered from generous donations from the HTS Nation and sale of HTS logo merchandise, the HTS Board of Directors contacted Trey's property manager and covered the Sep rent, enabling Trey and his Family to remain in their home and taking just a bit of the load off their shoulders.

Trey's response to the HTS Nation: "Thank you so very much for your help! We are more than grateful. I am thankful that we were referred to you. My wife was praying for a light and you were our light. My wife said she wants to help more so once we are financially stable she will probably contact you about care packages or something."


Trey and his lovely wife, Kristiana are loving parents to three beautiful little girls: Emma ~ 4, Audrey ~ 3, and Charlotte ~ 2. 

These proud parents said about their girls: "We are enjoying them. Our oldest who is 4 goes to a Christian academy and we just spent 2 hours making cookies with the little ones in her preschool class."

Yes, HTS Nation, YOU made this possible ... KEEP UP THE FIRE!!


NEED: Immediate housing assistance and school supplies / clothes for kids

Say “hello” to the dual-Veteran couple, John* and Jenny* (*names changed to protect privacy, per Veterans' request). They, along with their children, were in dire financial straits and reached out to ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ for some backup. We verified their military and combat service with their respective Department of Defense Forms 214 (DD 214s -- "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty"). John and Jenny are both combat-disabled (he was deployed to Iraq and she served during the first Gulf War).  The HTS Nation quickly banded together and gave them a boost to help with various expenses.  

Jenny is 70% SC (service-connected disabled), and John is 40% SC.  John was experiencing the inefficiencies of dealing with an appeal with a VA disability claim and another claim pending for PTSD. He had also experienced a recent accident, injuries from which required surgery. Jenny had been off work to care for him, resulting in her not receiving a paycheck. Jenny was the only one in their household with an income, as John is attending school to better enable him to care for his Family, but he had been unable to do so for a while due to their financial distress. Because of the many challenges they had been facing, John and Jenny were behind on their mortgage payment, with the bank already having started the foreclosure process, and multiple other bills were due and adding to their incredible load, all while they were trying to figure out how to provide necessities for their three children. Additionally, school was getting ready to start very soon when they reached out to HTS, and they were not able to provide them with clothes and other necessary school supplies. 

RESULT: Because of the generosity of the HTS Nation, we were able to help John and Jenny catch up on their mortgage and stopped the foreclosure process, saving their home.  Several members of the HTS Nation also stepped up and sent a combined total of over $1,000 worth of clothes and school supplies for the kids, helping them get ready to continue their critical education. 
Jenny's response to the HTS Nation: "I thank God and your organization for the help in getting our mortgage caught up. I'm not sure what we would have done without your help. (HTS) is an awesome organization and group of people.  Thank you so much for your kindness in helping our Family.  Words alone cannot express the sincere gratitude that we have for Drew and Cherie' and all (from the HTS Nation) who have reached out to help.  My kids are going to be so happy! :)

HTS Nation, because of YOU, John and Jenny and their kids have a better chance of pulling things back onto an even playing field that will help them move forward with their lives.  You have not only said you support our Veterans, you have taken the vital step of SHOWING it!  KEEP UP THE FIRE!!!


NEED: Housing assistance

U.S. Army Veteran Reginald S. found himself forced to make an extremely difficult choice.  His truck, which he used to get to critical VA medical appointments to care for service-connected medical issues, was broken down and he had to find a way to get it fixed.  The mechanic shop wasn't really willing to work with him on payment issues, and his rent was due.  Since he didn't have a real choice due to his medical challenges, he was forced to use the limited funds he had to repair his truck so he could get continued medical care.  Now he was faced with losing his apartment.  What to do?     

Enter the HTS Nation ....

RESULT: After verifying Reginald's service with his DD214, the HTS Board of Directors worked with Reginald's apartment manager and were able to cover all of his back rent, thus keeping him in his home and helping him get himself back onto a level playing field where he could move forward with the same Warrior-strength he showed while in active military service.  This was possible due to funds gathered from generous donations from the HTS Nation and sale of HTS logo merchandise.  

So YES, HTS Nation, you ARE making a difference every time you purchase an item from the HTS logo merchandise line-up.  :-) 

Reginald's response to the HTS Nation: "Thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to me and I really am happy that you have helped me."

Thanks for providing the "back up" this Warrior needed, HTS Nation ... KEEP UP THE FIRE!!!


NEED: Housing assistance

U.S. Army Veteran Thomas C. and his wife were at risk of losing their home because the Veteran's Administration, without advance notice, decided to deduct an alleged debt from 2010, leaving Thomas and his wife with only $250 to pay rent and all their bills. Thomas has no chance to appeal this decision before the bills come due ... leaving the very real possibility that he and his wife would lose the home into which they had just moved.
They needed some back-up to help bridge the gap until Thomas' military benefits kicked back in again. But what to do? 

Enter the outstanding supporters of the HTS Nation ....

The Board of Directors for ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~ verified Thomas' service record and financial situation and swung into action to help one of America's heroes.   

Here's what Thomas said about his situation:

Rent is needed badly to save the apartment that we just got last week. Truck payment, insurance, water and sewer, electric, food for 1 month (we are diabetics), cellular phone so VA can contact me for claims and doctors appointments. Thats the majority of everything.

Please see attached documentation of the VA letter that we received Friday and without warning that payment would be reduced to $250 for entire month of June due to back drill pay. Also please see attached copy of the rent bill as we can't afford to lose the roof over our heads that we just got last week because of the VA's negligence. Unfortunately, the appeal process to get this fixed has long since past and we didn't receive any warning of this until Friday of last week. We worked nearly 8 hours with our VFW state representative who called the regional office multiple times and since the checks had already been cut and sent to the treasury, they were unable to make any adjustments to allow for an emergency appeal. Please any help at your earliest convenience is much appreciated so we don't become homeless.

Thomas C.
US Army Retired


RESULT: After talking with Thomas and determining he and his wife's most pressing needs, the HTS Board of Directors contacted the management at Thomas' apartment complex and completely covered Thomas' July rent, as well as other critical bills.  Thanks to the HTS Nation, Thomas and his wife were able to bridge across their lean times and successfully move forward with their life together.  :-) 



NEED: High-Resolution Image of the Purple Heart Medal for the dedication of the Purple Heart Memorial Hwy (Route NJ 42, NJ)


Narrative courtesy of Roger Sequeira, Engineer with the New Jersey Dept. of Transportation:

I would like to personally thank the Directors from Honor the Sacrifice, and a special HOOAH, and a heartfelt thank you to R. Jones for her most invaluable assistance in getting this job done.

Without the invaluable help of HTS and its members, this engineering project could not have been completed on time and a group of vets from the VFW Post 332 in Glassboro, NJ, would not have had the opportunity to dedicate Route NJ 42, to all the heroes that have earned the Purple Heart medal.

So this is how this whole thing started...I work for the NJ DOT as an Engineer, I literally tell people where to go, as I design the big green direction signs on highways and roads. But at the same time, we get requests for what we call "third-party" signs which is what this was, a small project with 2 signs that were to be dedicated along the highway I mentioned above.

So here we are a simple project, (HA, yeah right!), with a couple of days of design and off the signs go to the signs shop. "Grabbed" a jpeg from the 'net of a Purple Heart medal and placed on a digital format of the draft of the sign. So work order is done, off it goes to the sign shop. a couple of day later, I get a phone call from the Super at the shop and he asks if we can get a hi-res jpeg of the PH medal, because every time the graphic is "blown-up" to a 36"x 24" we lose major definition. Looked online, nothing! Searched our databases, nothing, this is on a looming deadline of 7 days, for the dedication ceremony, which was going to be attended by our distinguished Gov. Chris Christie, who really doesn't have a sense of humor when deadlines aren't met.

So having struck out, I reached out to the Military Order Purple Heart Organization, they did not have the medal itself, instead they have their own graphic and not the actual medal, and they don't have the medal...really!!!!

Still with me....?!?!

So I reached out to HTS CEO, Drew and he said that he would get back to me. I told him what I needed and what I was looking for.

Started packing the things in my office and putting out my resume, in the meantime. Just in case!!

So a couple of days later, I get a phone call from Ms. Jones and she tells me that she is going to try to help me, as she has a friend that has a PH medal.

Ok, so here I am somewhat desperate, because I cannot find a hi-res jpeg of a PH medal, thought about going to the PX's clothing store, but hey I am not going to steal the Honor of a medal that I did not earn! So that was out.

Ms. Jones, texts me the next evening and says that she has some hi-res pics of the medal...YAWHOO...yeah baby...I'm saved...

She emails the jpegs and we did our magic, and lost no definition...and this picture is a mock-up of the actual size. But it doesn't end there....

The day before the dedication, last Friday, I took the mock-ups to the VFW to show them what was done, and to let them know what had transpired through HTS, Ms. Jones and me. So, at 4 pm on a cold NJ afternoon, there were 2 WWII vets, 5 Vietnam vets, and me, Desert Storm. This moment could not have been possible without your help Raundi, Drew and all the other Directors of the HTS, and the PH medal recipient. Your picture brought 8 battle hardened vets to tears...as we stood there and realized what the medal means...it means that American blood was shed, in a foreign land, it means that a piece of an American was left behind...and it also means that...as we stood there each one lost in our own thoughts, of friends lost and how the medal may have been awarded posthumously to the family...and now here we are dedicating a highway to all those heroes that earned the PH medal...all I can say is thank you, humbly, for your invaluable help. Thank you for having taken the time and effort to help me, in honoring the many PH medal recipients.

It's more than a sign....it's a sacrifice of an American that served his country and in that service he made a sacrifice of blood, so that the rest of us could live and enjoy our freedoms!!!!

Thank you HTS, Thank you Drew, Thank you Raundi...



NEED: Family Assistance/Housing

Narrative by Drew Deaton, CEO of ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~:

Disabled United States Marine Corps Veteran Michael T. lives in Greenville, Illinois and needs his battle buddies and other patriots to bring in some reinforcements. We're looking to find assistance with getting sufficient housing for his family and financial assistance until the situation can be brought to a more permanent solution. 100% of funds raised through this effort will go directly to Michael and his Family to help bridge the gap with their living expenses until a better situation is achieved.

Here's his situation:

Even though he's disabled and living on less than $1,000 a month, he is trying to help provide for large combined family group (shows his military protective and leadership instincts are alive and well!). The house in which they currently reside has been sold out from under them by the landlord and they now need a new place to live (will consider temporary situations, but potentially permanent is ideal). The combined family consists of Michael, his wife and daughter, his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law and her new baby.

Michael has filed a disability claim with the VA but is still waiting on results. He's been pursuing this for the last two years and the VA has told him the paperwork was "lost" ... but somehow it's been "lost" for TWO YEARS?!? If the VA can't / won't take care of our brother, let's show him what WE can and will do for our comrades! Because of the long-term fight with the VA and the financial pinch is has placed on them, Michael and his family's credit is unfortunately not sufficient to qualify for the type of loans they would need to get a place to live for their family.

He and his family are, from necessity, relying on foodstamps and his state disability. The combined monthly income of the six-person family, with two adults receiving disability and the govt. support his daughter receives, is a combined total of less than $1,900. As you can clearly see, this is a VERY TOUGH situation for anyone, let alone a brother fighting to overcome physical limitations.

(Michael's service was verified via DD214 and his situation via a personal contact with whom we're associated.)

RESULT: Thanks to our amazing fans on Facebook for spreading the word! Almost immediately, HTS was able to help Michael and his family secure new housing and in just over two months, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $2500 to assist with household bills, clothing and other necessities.




NEED: Urgent assistance with furniture & other household neccessites

Narrative by Raundi Jones, Director at ~HONOR THE SACRIFICE~:

C.A. Peters is a disabled United States Army Veteran who became "lost in the system" after she was medically discharged due to disabilities suffered during a combat tour overseas. As a result, she was living in a homeless shelter while struggling to get an appointment with the local VA for much needed financial/medical assistance.

When her situation was brought to our attention, HTS rallied to help her get in touch with the VA to secure her housing voucher and begin medical treatment. We were thrilled to hear that she finally had a new apartment and move-in date shortly thereafter. However, she had no furniture and would be forced to sleep on the floor.

RESULT: After researching the stores and other resources in her area, the HTS Board of Directors determined that the most cost-effective and timely solution would be to utilize funds already on-hand for urgent situations like these. We were able to order her a daybed, mattress, linens, blankets, pillows and a 3-piece coffee table/end table set which were all delivered to the local "big-box store" nearest to her location.

We are happy to report that she is now comfortably settled into her new apartment, with her new furniture and receiving the medical attention she needs from the VA.

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